Skittles uses live Facebook event to drive engagement

Skittles is launching a live social media and video event that will see a man submerged in Skittles in a bid to demonstrate the “unbelievable power of the Skittles Rainbow”.

Skittles will attempt to submerge David Phoenix in a glass tank of more than 2 million Skittles as part of a live video event to “taste the Skittles rainbow in real life”.

The candy brand has invited Facebook fans to interact with the live event to drive engagement.

From midday today (18 October), the more viewers attracted to watch the live event via Facebook, the more Skittles will be poured into the tank and the faster Phoenix will be submerged in Skittles.

Phoenix initially engaged Skittles in a social media battle via Twitter claiming: “I could eat the Skittles Rainbow.”

The resulting footage is likely to form the basis of an ad campaign for the multi-coloured candy sweets.

Fans can follow the events via Twitter and Facebook.


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