Skoda goes full Minority Report for new eye-scanning campaign

To promote the release of its new Fabia car, Skoda has launched a new online campaign that utilises user’s webcams during a video ad to measure eye movement and work out the car that most caught their eye.

The ‘Fight for Attention’ campaign claims to be the first marketing use of the pupil eye-tracking technology.

The user experience begins with the calibration of pupil movement followed by a 90 second film featuring two Fabia’s racing through a number of locations as they compete for the user’s attention.

Once the ad ends, users are then told which Fabia they visually engaged with the most, with the option to then book a test drive.

“We’re using real-time eye tracking as a tool to take the concept of user choice into fresh, new directions,” says Theun de Bruijn, technical director at B-Reel, one of the design companies behind the ad.

The digital campaign, which will roll out to 32 European markets from 16 February, will evolve into a ‘phase B’ in late February allowing users to create their own versions of the race using a build-in editing studio.

This week, Skoda adopted augmented reality for a campaign at Waterloo Station in London. The stunt allows members of the public to design a Fabia model and then virtually sit inside their creations on the station’s main advertising screen.

Skoda’s national communications manager Erica Vernon said the car brand will continue to back interactive technology for future campaigns.

“The digital showroom experience we’re moving into could be an app on a phone or a virtual experience at rush hour within Waterloo station – it can be everywhere,” she told Marketing Week.



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