Sky bets on better gaming experience

Sky Betting and Gaming is looking to optimise its website in order to increase account sign-ups. The company is deploying Tealeaf’s Customer Experience Management solution to gain insight into how gamers actually use the site.

The application tracks and records every visitor’s session, yielding critical behavioural data. This is being analysed to drive improvements to the sign-up process, ensuring this key stage of the site is optimised. Sky Betting and Gaming is also looking for any usability issues that cause players to drop out during a session.

“We knew our conversation rates could be improved, but we didn’t really know how customers were using the site,” says Richard Flint, managing director of Sky Betting and Gaming. “Our parent company had been using Tealeaf on and had found it useful. It therefore made sense for us to roll Tealeaf out on our betting and gaming websites as well.”

The gaming websites generate 80 per cent of Sky Betting’s revenues and more than £50 million per year from eight million bets.“In a business where the vast majority of our revenue is generated through the website, it is fundamentally important that we know exactly how customers are using the site,” says Flint.


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