Sky provides a digital solution

What’s the fairest way of providing those who live in flats with digital TV: forcing them to adopt either Sky or ONdigital, or letting people choose for themselves? (MW letters October 21).

The Confederation of Aerial Industries states that about 90 per cent of blocks will need some modification to receive digital terrestrial TV.

But while ONdigital will only upgrade the aerial system, Sky’s solution is an integrated reception system, built into the fabric of a property, that takes in both a satellite dish and an aerial. All the viewer has to decide is which set-top box they want.

Sky is offering viewers with communal systems the same choice as the rest of the community, a fact recognised by a growing number of local authorities and nine out of the nation’s top ten housebuilders.

What’s ONdigital afraid of?

Tim Worrall

Head of Sky Homes




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