Sky to fight Ofcom call to open up pay TV market

Resisting: Bid to share content
Resisting: Bid to share content

BSkyB is vowing to fight back at media regulator Ofcom’s proposal to make much of its content, including sports and movies, available to other broadcasters to ensure greater competition.

Sky’s response comes after Ofcom released its third consultation document where it states that the satellite broadcaster should be required to make its premium channels available to other retailers on a wholesale basis.

Ofcom says it is “the most appropriate way of ensuring fair and effective competition”.

The regulator adds it is therefore also consulting on proposals to put in place a wholesale must-offer obligation, containing a range of regulated prices.

It holds the view that Sky would gain a reasonable return from the proposals for pricing.

But a Sky spokesman says: “We disagree fundamentally with Ofcom’s approach, analysis and conclusions.

“In light of Ofcom’s determination to pursue its preferred outcome, we will use all available legal avenues to challenge this unwarranted intervention.”

Meanwhile, Ofcom is also considering whether there is a case for more targeted interventions in relation to subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) movie rights and the next FA Premier League auction.

BSkyB reported that it had signed up an extra 80,000 new customers in the first quarter, to take its total number of subscribers to 9.31 million.


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