Slim evidence for weighty accusations

I read with some frustration your article on the National Food Alliance’s report on slimming products advertising, “ASA slated for failing to stamp on slimming ads” (MW March 15).

They appear to have acted as judge and jury on our advertising and inferred that, as market leader in slimming clubs, we take little notice of what the ASA say.

I can advise Jeanette Longfield that, while we may not “run in fear of the ASA”, we take them very seriously and vet every advertisement we produce to ensure it falls within the relevant codes.

We do this because we have a reputation built on 30 years of helping people lose weight, which we want to protect.

Finally, I would suggest to the NFA that if they think the threat of pre-vetting is “entirely adequate”, then they have never worked in a busy marketing department.

Jon Salmon

Marketing director

Weight Watchers (UK)




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