Small agencies still have much to offer

I enjoyed reading your article “Will creative independents fall prey to global media shops?” (MW last week).

As an agency owner, it’s good to hear someone at least partially agree with what I’ve been thinking these past four years, which is that there is space – and plenty of it – for small, talented agencies.

As a small agency, I know that we have an incredibly strong offer for clients – large and small – and that our creativity, speed of response and transparent, open-book accounting are major factors in interesting new clients, as well as retaining and growing our relationships with our existing clients (BP and Castrol among them).

As for the prognosis of the big media agencies buying us all up – well, I guess it would be stupid to disagree entirely, but David Wethey will have to go some way further to totally convince me.

After all, while big companies are still interested in talking to and trading with small agencies, there will always be some owners who are happy to do what they do best and who are passionate about running and growing their business.

Rachel Hargrave


The Phoenix Partners

Sileby LE12


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