Smirnoff punctures pretentious nights out with £15m push

Diageo is launching a major £15m push for flagship vodka Smirnoff to position the drink as an antidote to pretention as part of its global effort to make the brand more inclusive. 

A TV ad, breaking tonight (22 September), shows a hipster club full of cool characters tilts into a joyous scene when someone orders a Smirnoff at the bar. The ad, created by  72andSunny Amsterdam, and wider campaign uses the strapline “Filter the unnecessary. Keep the good stuff”.

Lou McKerrow, marketing director for Smirnoff Western Europe says: “Smirnoff wants to make good times better for the many. Our Gen Y consumer wants nothing to get in the way of having an honest, effortless good time, just like we don’t want anything to get in the way of making the purest vodka.

“Our new TV spot showcases how good times can be better if you “filter” out the unnecessary pretence that can get in the way of a great night out, whilst also serving as a great metaphor for the way we filter Smirnoff ten times to deliver the purity of our vodka.”

The campaign is the first UK execution of its global “exclusively for everybody” activity. The attempt to break away from some of the premiumisation seen in the category is underpinned by the belief that “exclusivity for a few is less fun than good times for all”.