Snoop Dogg encourages people to “feel epic” in MoneySupermarket ad

Snoop Dogg is not slow to lend his considerable fame to brands – Orange, Pepsi, Overstock, Hot Pockets and now MoneySupermarket.

On a mobile? Click here to see Snoop Dogg appear in the latest MoneySupermarket ad

Snoop plays to type appearing in the end frame flanked by ladies and a low-rider.

The reason for his appearance? The ad’s character Phil feels “so awesome” about saving money on his car insurance after using MoneySupermarket, he is catapulted into a fantasy world where he imagines he is driving around LA in a “pimped up ride” listening to Snoop Dogg’s “What’s My Name” before being dragged back to reality.

Phil is then replaced on-screen by the rapper.

The ad was created by Mother.



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