Social media acquisitions expand analytics tools

Recent acquisitions by marketing automation and web analytics vendors are expanding the scope of analytics into the critical social media space. Alterian has acquired Intrepid, an international market research consultancy specialising in this emerging sector, while Webtrends has bought Transpond, an apps platform that tracks content and engagement across social and mobile channels.

David Eldridge
David Eldridge: Clients lack inhouse skills to use social media effectively

In response to growing demand from brands for a packaged social media solution, Alterian moved for the 40-strong Seattle and London-based Intrepid, which includes a social media analytics team in Vietnam. The consultancy is an existing user of Alterian’s monitoring and analytics product SM2.

David Eldridge, CEO of Alterian, said/ “With the explosion of social media, many brands are well aware of the need to harness this exciting new channel as a key and integral part of their marketing mix. However, a large proportion do not yet have the necessary in-house skills to use social media analytics to best effect. The addition of Intrepid into the Alterian portfolio gives our partners and customers access to an extremely talented group of people with a deep track record.”

Meanwhile, Webtrends will merge the Transpond solution into its existing Webtrends Apps for Facebook, web and mobile. The web analytics firm also acquired Widemile last year and merged it into the Webtrends Optimize solution as part of a “one-stop-shop” digital marketing play.

“Our traditional competitors are absorbed by larger companies. They’re chasing media revenue. Meanwhile, we are 100 per cent focused on solving the challenges of tomorrow’s modern marketing,” said Alex Yoder, CEO of Webtrends.


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David Reed

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