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  1. Pete Austin 17 Mar 2017

    If you have unspent social budget, why not to use it for leadgen by advertizing on facebook to prospects who look like your best existing clients, because this is REALLY easy?

  2. Cathal Gillen 17 Mar 2017

    Mobile Marketing doesn’t make sense any more as category, and saying Marketers spend 5.1% is undercalling it. About 80- 90% of social spend is mobile based, plus what about PPC on mobile, video advertising viewed through mobile, native articles etc. I could go on.

  3. Jason Chastain 17 Mar 2017

    I have m any business clients that spent time and money on facebook who all have told me they “don’t think it drives any sales but they feel like they have to be there.” I remain unimpressed too. I’ve been a heavy user of facebook for about 7 years now and i’ve never bought anything from a single ad there. Can’t remember a single ad. But hey, I can tell you which ads I saw on TV this week, and last week, and even a month ago and years ago.

  4. chris raddats 19 Mar 2017

    It depends on what expectations social media is failing to live to. If its sales then this is not surprising, social is the not the place people go to buy things. If its relationships, brand building, share of voice then expectations may be achieved.

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