Social networks are becoming internet “loyalty cards”

IAB Engage: The chairman of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) says Twitter and Facebook are driving loyalty.


Richard Eyre, speaking at the IAB Engage conference in London, says social network sites are “becoming the loyalty cards of the internet.”

Eyre adds: “Word of mouth is the most effective advertising medium.

“We’re one step on from targeting consumers using their likes and dislikes, we’re now factoring in those of our friends.

“[Online] advertising has moved from being a dumb brochure to an excellent concierge. We’re putting trust, transparency and control in the hands of the user,” he says.

The former media planner also commented on how better online advertising will come from greater collaboration between media buyers, creatives and technology experts.

Eyre says: “Media, creative and technology is better than the old two-player model. When it’s done right, you can’t see the join.”


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