Some model behaviour at FHM

Not content with doing up parking spaces, Cunning Stunts (‘Stunts) has come up with another eye-catcher. To promote FHM’s inaugural High St Honey’s promotion – the magazine’s cheap way of getting a cover girl – those clever ‘Stunts suggested touring the UK in a double-decker bus.

Not content with borrowing a red bus off the busy London streets, the ‘Stunts crew hired a double-decker and plastered its length with FHM branding, details of the competition and two provocative images of a sexy glamour model.

The bus is accompanied by a team of attractive promotional girls, with a brief to encourage people to send in pictures of friends or girlfriends (What no mothers or wives?) in to the team at FHM.


Underground music scene

Marketing Week

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Horses for courses in marketing

Marketing Week

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