Son of God was gifted marketer

In the marketing world there are a fair few Messiahs who believe they can walk on water. But how many have actually considered Him as a marketer?

That’s the premise of a new book called Corporate Christ written by Andrew Finan, director of Sponsorship Bureau International and Challenger UK Marketing.

If you’re anything like the Diary, you’ll be slapping your head saying: “Of course, a relationship between marketing and the divine. It explains everything.” But Finan has apparently done his research.

Corporate Christ traces the elements of a marketing strategy that has turned Christianity into an enduring brand. Using biblical sources, Finan identifies gems like Jesus’ sales machine, his team motivation methods and event management. The Times liked it, describing it as well-written and blessedly free of jargon. The Diary has only one question: “Is it printed on Bible-thin rice paper?”


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