Sony Bravia ad criticised for ‘terrorist attack’ similarities

The new Sony Bravia ad has received complaints from TV viewers for being too reminiscent of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.

The ad, created by Fallon, shows a Glasgow housing estate being covered in paint in a series of firework-like explosions, apparently orchestrated by a clown shown running away in one shot.

Sony and Fallon have stressed that the housing estate was empty and scheduled for demolition, while the paint used was non-toxic and a team of 60 people spent five days cleaning up the site after the shoot.

An Advertising Standards Authority spokeswoman confirms the regulator has received at least two complaints from viewers who found the ad disturbing and felt that it was inappropriate “in today’s climate of terror.” The ASA is considering whether to launch an investigation.

Sony’s previous Bravia ad, “Balls”, showed hundreds of thousands of multi-coloured balls being released onto the streets of San Francisco. It won numerous creative awards.


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