Sony delays game over anti-Muslim concerns

Sony Computer Entertainment has been forced to recall its copies of its new game, Little Big Planet, over concerns it could offend the Muslim community because it contains lines from the Koran.

The company has withdrawn copies of the game ahead of it going on sale following a preview. The game, created by games designer Media Molecule, was due to Sony’s biggest release for 2008 and was expected to be a major seller over the Christmas period.

It launch has been delayed following internal concerns that a song containing two lines from the Koran, the Islamic holy book, may offend Muslims. The song will be removed from the game before its release. A new launch date has yet to be announced.

Little Big Planet allows gamers to design their own levels and characters and share them with their friends. Users have to guide the lead character, Sackboy (pictured) or Sackgirl, through 50 levels of mental challenges.


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