Sony Ericsson to close UK store to focus on Asia

sony%20logoSony Ericsson is closing its only UK high street store after failing to make a profit. The handset maker is now expected to focus its retail activity in Asia.

The store, which is in High Street Kensington and covers two units, opened in November 2006 to showcase Sony Ericsson’s handsets. The handset maker still has 200 stores around the world – including a large proportion in Asia – and plans to grow the number to 290 by the end of the year.

It is likely to invest and launch more stores in countries such as India.

Sony Ericsson has now ruled out opening any other stores in the UK and Western Europe, with plans to close its only UK store by the end of the year.

The handset maker says the dominance of big multiple chains and operator stores in the UK market have made it difficult for it to grow its retail presence in the UK.

A Sony Ericsson spokeswoman says the company is “looking to close the store as soon as the lease can be reassigned – hopefully before the end of this year”.


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