Sony Ericsson unveils device for watching TV on mobiles

Sony Ericsson is launching a service that allows users to watch local TV shows on their mobile phones wherever they are in the world.

LocationFree will be available on the company’s new P990 smartphone. It redirects shows from a user’s TV to their mobiles, enabling them to watch live TV, playback recorded programmes or set up future recordings.

Sony Ericsson vice-president of product marketing Steve Walker says: “LocationFree removes the constraints of having to be at home to enjoy your favourite programmes.”

LocationFree uses the internet to redirect content from televisions to a mobile phone. Users are given a LocationFree “base station” which plugs into their existing home network or establishes a wireless link to a broadband internet-connected device such as a PlayStation Portable.

The phone can transmit content from a number of devices, including televisions, DVD players and video cameras. Walker adds: “With a video camera connected, you can use the phone to see friends and family while you’re away, or even keep a check on home security.”

A similar service was launched earlier this year when Symbian, which produces an operating system for mobile phones, signed a deal with Sling Media, which makes a TV-over-internet product called Slingbox.

The service allows smartphone users to pick up any programme available from their home televisions.


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