Sony, Levi’s to promote Cyber-shot

Sony has linked up with fashion brand Levi’s to promote its new Cyber-shot U pocket-sized digital camera. The campaign to promote the digital camera will launch later this month. Sony claims the Cyber-shot U will be the first digital camera to appeal to people who want to take snaps of everyday moments rather than beautiful pictures.

The “Pocket Life” campaign has been created by through-the-line agency A Vision. It features in-store promotional material showing X-Rays of things in people’s pockets. In addition, a special demonstration tour will see teams of Levi’s-clad “Pocketroops” visiting clubs, bars and other places where the target audience – young, stylish consumers – congregate, demonstrating the camera by taking pictures of people. The images will be uploaded to a Pocket Life website, where consumers will be able to view them and e-mail them to friends.

Andy Marks of A Vision says the point of the campaign is to show “how a pocket’s contents provide an insight into you and your lifestyle”. Sony and Levi’s will also combine for an online viral marketing campaign, while Levi’s will be producing special limited edition carry cases.

Saatchi & Saatchi will develop above-the-line advertising to support the launch.


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