Sony plans ad blitz to push music device convergence

Sony is gearing up for a series of major advertising campaigns to support its new “Release your Music” strategy. The advertising is expected to launch early next year.

As part of the new strategy, the Japanese consumer electronics giant will encourage consumers to use its laptops, MP3 players, phones and other devices in conjunction with each other.

A Sony spokeswoman says: “It’s a new product and marketing proposition with lots of new products, all interconnected. Each product combination will be supported by a major campaign under the Release your Music banner.”

The company is releasing a range of new devices, which can work with each other, in the UK and across the rest of Europe over the next month.

These devices will allow users to easily connect their Walkman MP3 players, Vaio PCs and Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones to their in-car stereos or home hi-fis. There will also be a range of Bluetooth devices that users can plug in to upgrade their existing PC or MP3 player to send music wirelessly to and from their hi-fi.

Despite the key Christmas selling period for electronics goods, the spokeswoman says the marketing campaigns are not likely to break until the New Year. In the meantime several devices will be promoted through bundled packages of, for example, a phone and hi-fi docking station with up to 50 free songs from Sony’s online music store.

The company is understood to be keen to develop a consistent corporate position on convergence. It is thought that Sony is in talks with several advertising networks to develop a project based around the convergence idea. It is thought it is looking for a global campaign to unite the different parts of its business (MW September 21).


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