Sony reveals single brand message

Sony has unveiled a new brand message, dubbed Make.Believe, for both its entertainment and electronics businesses.

Sony Bravia advert

It is the first time that Sony has introduced a single brand message for all of its divisions spanning electronics, games, movies, music, mobile phones and network services.

Sony chairman, CEO and president Sir Howard Stringer, says: “As we move to transform Sony and integrate the very best in electronics, entertainment and technology into the homes of our customers, the importance of an all-encompassing and unified brand image is more important than ever.”

The new brand stategy, pronounced ‘make dot believe’ was revealed in Berlin at the IFA consumer electronics fair. It is intended to symbolise Sony’s spirit of creativity and innovation, inspire consumers and differentiate the brand from competitors.

Sony says the ‘believe’ is the power of inspiration, ‘make’ is about crafting inspiration into products and experiences for consumers and the ‘dot’ is where the two sides meet.

Fujio Nishida, president of Sony Europe says: “The key for us is how ‘make.believe’ translates into compelling products, content and services for the consumer, all aimed at delivering unparalleled user experiences.”

Sony plans to bring 3D entertainment into consumers’ homes in 2010 and introduce video downloads via the PlayStation Network.



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