Sony to crack down on misuse of Home site

sony_peopleSony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has warned that it will take a zero tolerance policy to bad behaviour on its yet-to-be launched online portal Home and any misuse will lead to the service being halted altogether.

Peter Edward, head of Home, made the comments at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, where he also announced new brand tie-ups with Barcardi, Durex and Marlboro.

Home, which is Sony’s virtual world, has been integral to the roll-out of its third generation console, PlayStation 3 (PS3), which has been launched using experiential and community-based marketing (MW December 6, 2006).

PlayStation Network users can interact with each other around the world, as well as access exclusive PlayStation and external partner content, such as downloads and film trailers. The platform is the next stage of gaming interactivity and marketing for SCEE.

Edwards told the conference that because the majority of users are over 18 years old, it would allow users to moderate themselves. He said content will reflect its user base and that different areas of Home will offer experiences based on users’ ages, to prevent younger players reaching mature content.

However, he warned that any users caught abusing other online users within Home would be banned and that serial offenders would be banned at “machine level”, meaning users would have to buy a new console and move house.

Home is slated to launch in October and recently announced tie-ups with Diesel and Nike.


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