Sony to launch VOD service on PlayStation Network

Sony is launching a video-on-demand service on the PlayStation3 and PlayStation Portable as it continues its fight with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 to become the de facto multimedia platform.


The PlayStation Network Video Store will allow users in the UK, France, Germany and Spain to buy or rent movies including Brüno, Star Trek, The Dark Knight and Public Enemies from November.

Deals have been made with movie studios including MGM, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros.

Users have up to 14 days to watch a rented film once downloaded, and they can be transferred onto the PSP, Sony’s handheld device.

Sony’s film store echoes that of Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform, which has similar rental and download-to-own deals with major studios.

Both platforms are positioned as multimedia devices, with music and film content heavily promoted.

Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president and CEO, said, “The PlayStation is becoming the home of entertainment, from games to music channels, from creative platforms to virtual pets.”

Sony also announced a slimmer, less expensive version of the PS3. Since launching in 2006, the PS3 has sold 23.8m units worldwide. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has sold 30.2m since launching in 2005.

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