Sony unveils four-pronged 8m Xmas blitz

Sony is launching an 8m pre-Christmas marketing push this week, with four new marketing campaigns for a range of different products.

A new TV campaign for the WEGA flatscreen television shows a series of images depicting the history of TV. The ads will appear on terrestrial and satellite channels.

Sony will also launch a press and outdoor campaign for Walkman, MiniDisc and Discman, featuring the strapline “Life. Avoid it”. The ads, aimed at 16- to 24-year-olds, will appear on the London Underground, and in publications such as The Face and Time Out.

Connectivity is the main theme in a press campaign for the Vaio computer system. It shows how the electronic notebook can interact with other pieces of equipment, such as mobile phones and camcorders.

A press campaign featuring products such as the digital camcorder, the digital camera Mavica, and the voice-activated car entertainment system launches this month.

Creative work is through BMP DDB and media buying is through BMP Optimum.


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