Sourz takes on Smirnoff and Bacardi

The Beam Spirits and Wine company has launched its first ready-to-drink (RTD) product Sourz Fusion to take on Smirnoff Ice and Bacardi Breezer in the £655m category.

Sourz Fusion

Sourz’s strategy is backed by a £12m marketing campaign, the largest in the brand’s 11-year history, which will focus on encouraging 19-25 years-old fans of its non-cream-liqueur (NCL) products to try the RTD variant.

Activity includes a TV ad, a national sampling campaign, experiential activity at festivals including Wakestock and the Parklife Weekender, as the company looks to extend the Sourz brand.

According to Nielsen and CGA Strategy, the UK RTD market is worth £655m and is dominated by brands WKD, Crabbies and Smirnoff Ice, who hold the first, second and third spots in terms of volume in cases sold (see list below).

The UK marketing initiative will run alongside planned product launches in the Netherlands and Germany later this year.

Thee top 10 RTDs by volume in total cases sold in the UK in terms of cases sales of 8.4 litre bottles (cases equivalent) according to AC Nielsen and CGA Strategy (off trade and on trade respectively)

1. WKD (1.8m c/e)
2. Crabbies (1m c/e)
3. Smirnoff Ice (906k c/e)
4. Bacardi Breezer (453k c/e)
5. Caribbean Twist (254k)
6. Gordons G&T (187k)
7. VK (170k)
8. Jack Daniels and Cola (166k)
9. TVX (134k)
10. Gordons Diet G&T (110k)


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