South Staffs Water adopts micro-targeting

South Staffs Water is looking to develop a new raft of services that can be micro-targeted to the 1.29 million people in its catchment area.


Customers will be able to receive timely information via email, SMS and interactive voice calls having registered via their preferred channel.

Colin Richardson, customer service manager at South Staffs Water, says: “As a provider of an essential service, South Staffs Water is constantly striving to improve our customer service. We are extremely pleased to offer our customers a service that means we can keep in touch with them much more easily along with instant information, for example, in the event of an unplanned interruption to water supplies, which may be affecting a large number of customers.”

A new CRM solution is providing cross-channel integration of communications as well as mapping and location-based targeting. New services will be introduced, including customers providing a meter reading by SMS.

The business services 550,000 homes and 36,000 business customers in its region. The new solution is expected to reduce costs for appointment reminders, payment advice, service notifications and emergency alerts, potentially leading to lower water charges.


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