Specialists are poster saviours

While applauding Steve Bond’s cry for more accountability in the supersite poster medium (MW October 7), poster specialists can have a greater influence on the management of these campaigns than he implies. His points about non-comp-liance are certainly true but there are certain measures that can be put in place to ensure that the client is protected.

We have bought a number of these campaigns on a pan-European scale for clients such as CNN International and Levi’s and have managed to contain the “idiosyncrasies” that the contractors insist are unavoidable when buying this outdoor format.

It is the specialist’s responsibility to foresee the problems before they happen (as far as is possible) and to insert clauses into contracts that will allow the client to achieve the maximum PR and standout, which can certainly be achieved if this medium is handled correctly.

I am not sure clients want to buy yet another 100 96-sheets, do they?

Michael Segrue

Managing director

Poster Publicity International



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