Specsavers and Penguin team up to create crowdsourced crime novel

Specsavers and Penguin are using Facebook and Twitter to crowdsource ideas for three original crime stories. 


The campaign, called “#youdunnit” and created in partnership with Manning Gottlieb OMD, begins on Monday (16 September) and runs for five days. During that time, crime fans will be asked to tweet and post their ideas on everything from the victim’s name to the actual crime.

Three writers will then create their own original stories based on those suggestions. Two of the authors, Nicci French and Tim Weaver, are bestselling novelists while the third, Alistair Gunn, is a debut novelist.

The campaign comes as Specsavers drums up interest in the annual crime thriller awards, which it sponsors and are happening on Thursday October 24. A free digital e-book of the three stories will be made available from mid-October, while the novel will be handed out at the event.



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