Specsavers launches moving poster campaign

Specsavers is launching a new outdoor campaign across London’s underground stations. The ads will launch across five-foot LCD TV moving poster screens from September 7.

It has created to five second ads specifically for the screens, which it says aim to give communters “something to smile about” on their stressful journey.

One execution features a poor-sighted surfer who takes to the waves with an ironing board instead of a surfboard, and the second shows a woman misapplying lipstick. Both aim to build on the “Should’ve gone to Specsavers” strapline.

The ads were created in-house by Specsavers Creative, which develops all the company’s advertising. It says it decided to emphasis its well-known strapline because it is limited to five seconds.

The campaign will run across London underground stations throughout September.


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