Speculate to accumulate…

Beware of BT telesales people offering savings – it could cost you money. The Diary was persuaded to join the PremierLine scheme, where, for a small charge, savings can be made on certain calls. But on this month’s bill, the Diary was informed that savings of 3.458 were made after a charge of 5.10 – leaving the Diary worse off by 1.642.

When the Diary complained about this apparent discrepancy to BT, PremierLine customer service attendant Anna said savings were made on call charges over 45. The Diary clearly hadn’t been making enough calls.

She offered to cancel the scheme: “If you think your call charges are going to be below 45.” How does the Diary know what the coming bill will be? “Everybody knows roughly,” says Anna, adding: “If you want to make money, you just have to take the gamble.”


London Electricity risks data protection showdown

Marketing Week

London Electricity risks flouting data protection rules by promoting a new Free Energy Mortgage from Alliance & Leicester in its customer magazine. Mortgage provider A&L will pay customers’ gas and electricity bills for the first three years, but only if they switch to London Electricity. A&L will conduct most of the marketing activity for the […]

Local nous beats global know-how

Marketing Week

The recent closure of the Virgin Megastore in Barcelona was widely covered in the local press. Some observers attributed its failure to an insensitivity to local tastes in a market already well served by established favourites. Although this is an over-simplification, the news comes at a time when Europe’s marketers are concentrating their minds on […]

Pressures of Promotion

Marketing Week

First, the good news. The budgets allocated for sales promotion looks likely to soar over the next 12 months. As part of this year’s Marketing Week Sales Promotion Agencies Reputation Survey – the third such survey – marketers at leading British companies were asked what plans they had for their sales promotion budgets over the […]


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