Spice Girls are with us in Spirit

First came the Spice Girls and now we have the Spirit Guys.

First came the Spice Girls and now we have the Spirit Guys.

Just as each Spice stamped her identity on the world using a predominant characteristic (posh, ginger, sport and so forth) everyone at the new Spirit ad agency will have his own logo to be used on business cards and stationery.

The Diary suggests: Tory Spirit (Michael Dobbs, one-time assist-ant to a certain Margaret Thatcher); Stoic Spirit (Richard Hammond, former executive vice-president of Bozell Worldwide); and Creative Spirit (Mitch Levy, former crea tive director of Lowe Howard-Spink).

However, agency heads have other ideas. The logos will be based on energy forces like “Chi” to tie in with the spirit of Spirit.



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