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Originating from the Scottish distillery of the same name, Auchentoshan is a premium single malt brand that draws heavily on its provenance and heritage in any marketing activity it does. However, its most recent marketing campaign not only taps into appreciation of the spirit’s smooth, silky texture and idiosyncratic peaty taste, but an appetite for the latest cultural trends.


Auchentoshan believes consumers are looking for something a little more interactive and engaging at the moment and ‘Workshops for the Modern Gentlemen’ is a marketing concept that seeks to fill that need.

The brand has conceived a series of ‘classically modern’ events aimed at exercising the brain as well as forming a complement to a single malt whisky tasting. “We like to think of ourselves as doing things a little bit differently because we are a triple-distilled single malt, something very unusual in our category,” explains Kirsteen Beeston, head of brands marketing at distillers Morrison Bowmore.

The whisky’s target consumer is focused on style and products that say something about them, which is ultimately where Auchentoshan’s contemporary culture identity fits in. “The key thing for us is to create a platform to reach our target market, a younger consumer who is interested in a whisky that really delivers on taste and style,” says Beeston. “We have partnered up with six forward-thinking creatives who personify the character of Auchentoshan by taking a traditional craft or idea and activating it with a unique and modern attitude.”

As part of a campaign titled Auchentoshan Presents, events will take place across the UK this summer including advice on gentlemen’s grooming with a pop-up barbers shop; a hidden dinning experience in a secret location; how to make a ‘classically modern’ old-fashioned cocktail; and how to start a fashion label.

In conjunction with the events, a handbook available to consumers who attend the workshops reinforces the links between brand and creativity. Alongside an informative yet easy to follow guide to single malt whisky and Auchentoshan, there are tips and sartorial gems given by the cultural experts featured in the workshops. “The target consumer is interested in cultural experiences delivered in an interesting way,” says Beeston. “This year it is really about partnering with these forward-thinking creative experts to help spread the word about Auchentoshan while being relevant to our target consumer.”


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