Sponsorship is fast route to engagement

As sponsors at the FIFA World Cup will prove, the medium’s success is based on its ability to engage with consumers through their passions; in this case, football.

As you quite rightly point out in your Leader entitled “Sponsorship can be as nail-biting as the game” (MW 29 April), sponsors must add value to consumers to reap full benefit from any campaign they create. Those brands that excel in doing so should have the opportunity to be recognised, and the Marketing Week Engage Awards is just the right platform.

Karen Earl, chairman, Synergy


McDonald’s farm tie-up will improve brand perception

Marketing Week

Prophet’s own annual study on corporate brand reputation, which surveyed 4,600 consumers in 2009, showed that in the fast food industry, being perceived as a company that actively contributes to its local communities, gives money to good causes, and is socially and environmentally responsible is a key driver to purchase and recommendation.

Has leopard really changed its spots?

Marketing Week

Although I am a vegetarian, I began to ask whether McDonald’s has seen the light? The brand knows there is an ever-growing spotlight on production methods and that it can’t suddenly shed its “junk fast food” image with a fancy ad and some clever PR.


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