Sponsorship on TV must achieve goals

The Media Analysis on TV sponsorship, “Fantasy football chases sponsors” (MW April 23), highlights some interesting issues by hinting at possible tensions between independent production companies and commercial broadcasters.

The heart of the debate appears to be the “traditional” mistrust between creative-led editorial and sales-led commercial departments. It refers to alleged “interference” from producer Avalon.

We find it pertinent that it is the production company (alleg edly) calling the shots.

Here is the kernel of all advertiser-funded, or indeed all “sponsored” programming. It should be a marketing proposition, not just a media one, and should therefore be the catalyst for a range of activity which seeks to provide a return on the advertiser or sponsor investment.

Moreover, it is our experience that advertisers will surely welcome any attempt to enable the sponsorship message to work harder through merchandising and licensing.

Craig Goldman

Managing partner

Above Par

London WC1


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