Sportingo launches fund raising campaign for Unicef

Sportingo, a user generated content site for sports fans, will donate $10 to childrens charity Unicef every time an article is uploaded on the site during April.

UNICEF-MW.gifSportingo, a user generated content site for sports fans, will donate $10 (£5.04) to children’s charity Unicef for each existing and new author for one piece submitted to the site during April.

The site, which has over 2,000 writers, will donate the equivalent of a child’s sports kit to Unicef Sports For Development programme in South Africa on behalf of its existing writers. Visitors to the site will also be able to make additional donations to Unicef through additional links on the site.

The initiative is part of the lead up to the 2010 Football World Cup, which will be held in South Africa. Unicef’s Sport For Development programme has pledged to help 585 of the most disadvantaged schools in South Africa. The partnership with Sportingo aims to provide funds for sporting equipment and the infrastructure to the schools and by providing training to staff in the community.

Ze’ev Rozov, chief operating officer of Sportingo, says: “By introducing this programme, Sportingo is demonstrating that it appreciates members’ work and is looking at ways to ensure that quality user generated content affects the world in a more positive way.”


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