Sports clothing brand Skins appoints word of mouth agency

Skins, the high-tech sports clothing brand, has appointed word of mouth specialist the 1000heads to develop a programme initially focused on the Tour de France.

Skins website
Skins website

Skins were designed to improve the power, speed, stamina and recovery of professional athletes and have since been taken up by amateur athletes.

The Australian brand is now sold in more than 30 countries and has a line of 160 products. Its European headquarters is in Switzerland and the brand is stocked in specialist sporting outlets in London.

1000heads says that it intends to tap into “the mixture of passion and pain, athletes and ordinary people, on and offline engagement and global interest” of the Tour de France. The agency uses social media, PR and influencer marketing techniques to create a buzz about a brand.

Earlier this month Skins launched an advertising campaign featuring a number of elite athletes called “Cheat Legal”, which played to the fact that Skins gives an unfair advantage and challenged cheats to keep up the good work because athletes wearing Skins need the competition.



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