Sportsmanship and Coca-Cola

I am sorry that you published a letter (MW October 19) that perpetuated the false story regarding Coca-Cola and the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Contrary to that letter, spectators were not turned away from the games at our behest because of their choice of soft drink. The Coca-Cola Company has been associated with the Olympics since 1928 and we have supported many Olympic initiatives that have benefited spectators and athletes alike.

To suggest that we have demanded spectators be refused entry is both contrary to our contract with the IOC and the whole essence and spirit of the games.

We would expect the IOC to act on our behalf if it felt there was a need to protect our interests as a valued partner of the games, but not if it was a simple matter of an individual’s choice of soft drink. Far from this being an example of bullying, I’m afraid to say that this story is an example of bad sportsmanship in its broadest sense.

Andrew Coker

Communications director

Coca Cola Great Britain



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