Spot on or just plain ignorant?

I am writing to express my disgust at Iain Murray’s article (MW June 17). I find his comments deeply upsetting and feel that he is actively discriminating against a large sector of the population.

Murray offers various offensive statements throughout this tasteless article, which include: “Do not these legions of overweight and under brained patriots have the human right to enjoy the footie, to fill their several bellies with lager and southern fried chicken, and to stare at the box through piggy little eyes…?”.

He then follows this tirade with a statement “let the carnage begin” – implying he would rather like football fans to be injured.

He moves on to say “the scoring of a goal has a galvanic effect on the pondlife watching the games”. Forgive me if I am over-reacting, but who exactly does this pompous fool think he is? A supreme being who is above most of the UK’s population? I think not, instead this guy is an old, biased, prejudiced, insulting waste of space.

Until now, I have found his column to be rather witty and interesting, and have applauded his bitter approach, but now I feel he has taken it too far by directly insulting people.

I am not even a football fan myself, but my boyfriend, father, grandfather and nephew all are – and I am not impressed at the insults this prat has thrown at them.

No doubt most of the team working at MW support football – has no one else found Murray’s comments to be offensive?

It is totally unethical to attack individuals in this manner, based purely on his own stereotypical views.

Surely this is not allowed.

Julie Jones

supplied via e-mail


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