Spotfire release aims for enterprise play

Tibco Spotfire v3.0 is aiming to expand adoption of the in-memory analytics platform across the enterprise through enhanced scalability, load balancing and new connectivity to key operating systems like SAP and Oracle. As a result, the vendor is looking to grow its market beyond pharmaceuticals, asset management and intelligence agencies.

“Organisations are looking for real-time analytics and to introduce analytics into their business processes. That is the future for us,” says senior product manager Brendan Gibson. “We have ramped up the scalability so companies can have more users, do more queries and at a lower cost than before.”

New application integration tools allow Spotfire 3.0 to extract data from a wider range of sources, including, via a Web Services connector. Common views of data are pre-loaded into memory to increase analysis speeds and to remove the need to build data marts.

New visualisation tools have been added, like Tree Mapping and geographical mapping which provide an interactive way of drilling into layers of data. “It is very instictive to use and people are accustomed to seeing data presented that way from things like Google Maps,” says Gibson.

Scalability has been improved through allowing deploying across clusters of servers, supported by load balancing. Administration tools allow for parameters to be set for each, with automated reporting on errors or issues. “Users don’t want software that goes down when they most need it,” says Gibson.


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