Spotify unveils video ad products

Cannes2014: Spotify has unveiled three new video-based advertising products it is testing with Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Samsung, Ford and Kraft.

Spotify video ad formats will be tested by Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Samsung, Ford and Kraft.

The products have been created using Spotify’s data gleaned from its music users augmented by the analytic capabilities of Echo Nest, the music intelligence company it bought earlier this year.

Data analysis now allows Spotify to identify non-music attributes from users’ music choices and can help brands target people contextually – for instance, sports action fans or those passionate about environmental causes.

The three new formats are: 

  • Sponsor a Moment – a brand can choose to sponsor a user’s identified activity, for example capturing a workout session by offering a created running play.list.
  • Sponsor a Session – this allows a brand to sponsor a whole non-interrupted music listening session on mobile. The brand gets to top and tail a user’s session with relevant messaging and the user will have an hour of uninterrupted music.
  • Only a Moment – an opportunity for brands to be involved in the trend of Saturday eve listening in the living room when users have friends come over and start playing party music off the laptop or desktop. Contextual targeting will allow branded video content to be played during the streaming

The three formats are currently in beta testing.

At a session at the Cannes Lion festival, chief marketing and revenue officer Jeff Levick said that the products were scheduled to be rolled out in the quarter four in the US, UK, France, Germany and Sweden.