St Dunstan’s tests alternative fundraising proposition

St Dunstan’s, the charity for blind and partially sighted ex-Service people, is repositioning with a  “blindness-led” fundraising proposition.

St Dunstan’s website
St Dunstan’s website

The charity is launching a direct mail campaign to test whether supporters, or a segment of supporters, respond as keenly to the charity’s messages when they focus on sight-loss.

Traditionally the charity’s fundraising messaging has focussed on the military background and achievements of beneficiaries.

Branka Young, direct marketing manager at St Dunstan’s says the change in focus is because the charity already knows its supporters want to donate to an organisation that helps people who have given on behalf of their country, but feels it is important to learn more about the varied motivations of its donors.

The campaign, created by marketing agency TDA, features ex-Lance Corporal Steve Coates, who has been left with partial vision after an operation to remove a tumour from his brain.

It mentions his military background but the focus is on his sight-loss and the practical support he has received from St Dunstan’s.


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