St Peter’s rolls out ale through Tesco stores

St Peter’s beer, the brainchild of former Interbrand chairman John Murphy, is to be stocked in 300 Tesco stores.

The national launch of the beer will concentrate on its distinctive bottle shape and “Englishness”.

The bottled beer will go on sale in Tesco within the next two weeks, positioned alongside other real ales.

Murphy, who was previously spokesman for the British Brand Owners Group, has trademarked its name and logo and the bottle shape, which dates from a 1770 beer bottle design.

“There have been two distinct approaches to marketing this type of beer,” says Murphy. “The first is the vulgar shock tactic of calling it Dog’s Bollock or something similar, and the second is to advertise heavily.

“The first is a short-term tactic and the second is rich man marketing, which does not necessarily build the brand.

“St Peter’s should be able to generate consumer interest through PR and its distinctive look on the shelf,” he adds.

St Peter’s Brewery, which is a regional operation, will also begin exporting to markets ranging from Hong Kong to Italy and the US.

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