Starbucks launches new caffeine fruit drink

Starbucks is launching its latest drinks innovation, Refresha, a caffeinated juice drink as it looks to widen its appeal beyond coffee.

Starbucks Refresha

The drink, which combines fruit juice with green coffee extract, is available from today (12 July).

It comes in two flavours; berry hibiscus and cool lime, and contains fewer than 100 calories.

Starbucks has designed the drinks to offer customers a caffeinated alternative to traditional hot and cold coffee drinks.

The chain also hopes that Refresha will follow in the footsteps of its Frappuccino, which was relaunched last year, and claims that in May this year it sold one Frappucinno drink every 15 seconds in the UK.

Separately, Starbucks has launched an Android version of its mobile phone payment app which is linked to Starbucks’ loyalty card and originally launched on iPhone devices earlier this year.

A third of Starbucks’ customers now pay by card or an alternative to cash, and the chain hopes the introduction of the Android app will encourage the 32% of its customers using Android smartphones to embrace the new payment technology.


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