Start-up to broadcast TV programmes online

The TV industry this week takes another step closer to the Internet with the launch of a company called

Run by Richard Kilgarriff, formerly director of programming at United News & Media-backed youth channel Rapture TV, the new company is aiming for a public launch in September.

It will use streaming video technology – such as Microsoft Player, Real Networks and Apple’s Quicktime – to broadcast TV programmes over the Web.

The service will be advertising-funded. Kilgarriff claims advertisers will have a much better idea of the viewing audience than they do on TV. “You won’t get wastage on the Internet because you’ll know exactly who’s watching.”

Users will be able to watch programmes when they wish or, if they prefer to simulate the TV experience, they can schedule viewing times. claims it will offer a more “authentic” Internet experience than the other major TV-Internet hybrid, Yes Television. This works on a TV rather than a computer, and requires the purchase of a set-top box – but it offers much faster download speeds than the average modem, thanks to its broadband delivery.


ITC moots ‘lighter’ sponsor rules

Marketing Week

The Independent Television Commission (ITC) is planning to relax its tough rules on programme sponsorship as part of a move towards a “lighter” regulatory touch. The ITC believes its complex set of regulations could be discouraging companies from taking up sponsorship opportunities. And it wants to cut down on the amount of pre-transmission advice it […]


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