State awards WCRS £8m terrorism brief

The Government has appointed WCRS to the £8m advertising business for the Home Office’s new campaign telling people how to cope with terrorist attacks. WCRS is a “standby” roster agency for the Government, appointed two years ago to create rapid turnaround campaigns when there is insufficient time to carry out a standard pitch.

Walsh Trott Chick Smith is also on the standby roster.

The Preparing for Emergencies campaign will talk about a 22-page information booklet, which will be delivered to every home in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The awareness campaign, to include television and radio, will alert viewers to the booklet which recommends stocking emergency supplies such as tinned food, bottled water, mobile phone and blankets.

A follow-up advertising campaign will be launched at the end of the month, giving details of where people can get their copy if has not arrived in the post.

In the same week as the launch of the Preparing for Emergencies campaign, EMAP’s Zoo Weekly magazine has listed “chemical weapons” that can be created in a kitchen to “wipe out a small town”. The Home Office has slammed the magazine and a spokeswoman for the department adds: “It is highly irresponsible on Zoo’s part to run a piece such as this.”


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