Stay-at-home Macca shuns millennium TV

It is no secret that New Year’s Eve 1999 will be one of the most overrated parties of all time, as people eschew the hype and expense of organised celebrations and prepare to settle down with their families for a quiet night in front of the box.

The good old BBC, catering for the couch potato party-poopers, is planning a mammoth televised millennium concert called As Time Goes By. However, good old Aunty didn’t count on one of the star attractions saying he’d rather be at home with his family, too.

Man of the people Paul McCartney has told the Beeb he has no intention of working on millennium night – for anybody.

Let’s hope that the likes of Tina Turner, David Bowie and Janet Jackson don’t have the same idea or we’ll all be celebrating the start of a new century sitting around the box watching Anthea Turner doing a tap dance.


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