Stella Artois chalice-glass promotion to combat theft

stella%20artoisStella Artois is giving away its branded chalice lager glasses to consumers in its latest promotion running across UK supermarkets.

The lager brand claims the promotion will help combat the “theft” of the chalice glasses from pubs across the country. The stolen glasses are being sold for as much as 10 on eBay.

The promotion will run across UK supermarkets, including major retailers Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and independents, until the end of January next year.

Consumers who buy two 20-bottle cases of the lager will be entitled to the free glass, which was introduced about a year ago.

Stella Artois claims nearly 400,000 of the glasses have gone missing in recent months, which it says is putting pressure on Inbev, the brand’s owner, to fund replacements next year.

A spokesman for Stella Artois says: “On average, the drink stays 23% colder than when served in an average pint glass, so of course we understand why consumers want to get their hands on them. But, if you want to create the perfect pint experience at home, take part in our off-trade promotion instead of stealing them from our on-trade consumers.”

Inbev has set itself the target of getting the new chalice glasses into more than half of its 60,000 Stella Artois stockists, which could equate to around 3 million glasses.

Inbev has run similar offers in the past with its Stella Artois branded glasses, which it claims have been successful.


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