Stella Artois to sponsor Zeppelin

Stella Artois is understood to be sponsoring the world’s largest Zeppelin site. The Zeppelin, which is 75m long, has been renamed as The Star Over London for its launch this week.

The 40m by 60m site ad will run throughout July and August and will cruise between Chelsea Harbour and Canary Wharf at a height of 300m everyday. It will also fly over 150 passenger flights in July.

The site is sold by outdoor company Ambient Media although it is understood that the deal was completed by an undisclosed German company.

Ambient Media, which will also sell the space on the Zeppelin next year, announced it was bringing the German site to London in February this year ( February 25). At the time, Ambient Media said it was looking for a “confident” and “dominant” brand to use the site.

The Star Over London marks the first time a Zeppelin has been in the UK since the Thirties.


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