Stella ‘family’ ad provokes ASA ire

InBev has been censured by the Advertising Standards Authority for suggesting that Stella Artois is still part of a “family-owned” company.

The ASA has upheld a complaint about a press ad, created by Lowe Worldwide, for the range of Artois beers, which used the strapline/ “A family dedicated to brewing for six centuries”.

It ruled that the claim must not be used again and also says that a second strapline “One Family, Three Beers, Six Centuries”, which InBev had also intended to use is “still problematic”.

The watchdog added that InBev must not imply in future campaigns that “one family of common ancestry had been involved in the brewing of Artois beers for six centuries”.

Meanwhile, an ad for Miller Brands’ Miller Genuine Draft has also been banned for appealing to under-18s by showing “daring behaviour” and reflecting youth culture through the use of roller skating.

The ban comes despite the ASA rejecting complaints that the ad suggests alcohol could increase popularity and is linked to sexual success.

The ad, created by Mother, showed a man performing a series of rollerskating stunts on his way to meet his friends.

  • Separately, the watchdog has not upheld complaints that an ad for Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue aftershave is “highly sexually suggestive”, offensive and unsuitable for children. It shows a scantily-clad man and woman embracing on a boat.

The ASA says it is satisfied by the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) decision to give it a children’s restriction classification, which means it cannot be shown during programmes specifically targeting children.


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