Stephen Fry launches Pushnote

Pushnote, the browser add-on that enables comments to be left on any website and has investment from Stephen Fry, launches today (13 January).


Pushnote comments can be picked up by friends and others visiting the site, allowing users to share the latest news and opinion without the need for separate website log-ins.

Pushnote also displays the highest-rated comments and most discussed pages worldwide. Its introduction means brands can evaluate feedback left on its sites from customers and potential customers, although it cannot be moderated.

Stephen Fry, a prolific social media and technology user, is due to announce the launch to his 2 million Twitter followers this evening.

Fry joined Pushnote in June and is a “silent but enthusiastic” member of the team.

He says: “It will become second nature for those browsing the web to look up the Pushnote icon and check what fellow Pushnoters have said about the site they’re on, its content, its value, reliability and so on.”


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